Gallery 11

Photos of the Protest March in Hawera on 18 July 2011 in suppoprt of retaining hospital services.

Click pictures to enlarge.

"DSC_5274" Gail






"DSC_7760" Kelly Judkins



"DSC_7766" George


"DSC_7778" [Jan], Shirley and Jenny [& Neil]

"DSC_7781" Laird and Brian interview Cynthia

"DSC_7783" Cynthia & Brian




"DSC_7790" Marie & grandchild

"DSC_7798" Marie's daughters

"DSC_7801" The march begins

"DSC_7802-3_stitch" A composite photo looking at people leaving the town square on the march

"DSC_7808" Peter & Russ






"DSC_7826-9_stitch" A composite photo of marchers outside Civic Centre




"DSC_7844" Protesters behind Sandra Boardman

"DSC_7847" Kelly's silhoustte

"DSC_7855" Karen lets them have it!

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