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NZ Blayney Site

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Welcome to (some) of my world

This is my personal New Zealand based site which can take you to a number of informative areas I have interests in.

Some of my better photos can be seen in the Set A Gallery (2007-2011) and the Set B Gallery (2011-now). See older photographs at older photographs.

Tramping in New Zealand
An extensive photo-journal of tramping (back-packing) and summer alpine climbing in New Zealand dating back to 1987. It includes most of the popular and many lesser known NZ tramps.

Family history and genealogy
Our immigrant ancestors, with extensive material on BLAYNEY, POTTER, CARRUTHER, CUTHBERT and HOARE from my side and Shirley's COXHEAD, ELIASON & CALDER families.

My GP practice
As well as information about our practice, Drblayney.com has some views on hot medical topics and (medical) politics.